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Spiro® Ductline

This powerful Ductline offers the highest output with a minimum of floor space required. As standard it’s delivered with the Spiro® state-of-the-art control system. This high performing Ductline has a fully hydraulic drive system which offers maximum force, strength and endurance.

» Unique modular approach to boost your Spiro® Ductline into a fully automatic rectangular duct forming line with integrated flanges - expand gradually or at once, you decide!

» Unique Modular Solution Compact or Fully Integrated - You Decide! Future Module Integration Always Possible Latest Spiro® Technology

Unique Features

» Touch screen controller with genuine Spiro® user interface

» Programs for L-sections, U-ducts, fully wrapped ducts or plain sheet

» Z-Profile (Trapez-Profile and bead as option)
» Fully hydraulic feeding, shear and folding unit
» Stand-alone encoder for higher accuracy
» Smallest footprint in the industry
Ductline with Notching Unit Application
Ductline1 Ductline
Ductline2 Ductline
Ductline3 Sheet Selector Unit
Ductline4 Standard Roller Shear Slitting Unit
Ductline5 Tie Rod Punching Unit
Ductline6 Heavy Duty Shear for >1.5mm
Ductline7 Crosscut Pittsburgh Unit
Ductline8 Automatic Roller Shear Slitting Unit