Spiro® Connect

Digital Innovation driven by Spiro® Technology

Spiro® is innovative and evolves over time - we offer the optimal digital add-on option! Connect your computer with the latest generations of our Ductline and Tubeformer 1602/2020 machines. More Spiro® machines (Shaper, Curvecutter Delta 1500, Stitchwelder Pro 2.0, AEM 400 PRO) available on request.

One Platform – One System

Create .txt file*

*Can be created with any additional software e.g. CamDuct / Any text file is possible to upload & download e.g. CSV, TXT etc.

Spiro® Access*

» Direct online Remote helpdesk*
» Fast support anywhere on the world
*All machines with the Spiro® Control System / Any VNC Viewer can be used

Spiro® T-Box

» Deeper troubleshooting and software update for your machine (Internet access required)