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Gorelocker Combi-T

High production Gorelocker produce standing lockseam elbows and reducers. The high flexibility is achieved by means of 2 separate workstations: a flanging station and seam closing station. Thus the machine is always ready for operation without time-consuming conversion. The standing seam reduces welding to just one longitudinal seam and improves rigidity.

Unique Features

»   Dual working station
»   Maximum flexibility with no equipment change
»   Constant quality / High production speed
»   High capacity with material thickness up to 1.5 mm
»   Virtually no maintenance, no lubrication necessary
»   High quality parts and all rotating tools are made of hardened steel / High quality seams
Gorelocker Combi-T
Gorelocker Combi-T
Gorelocker Combi-T1 Gorelocker Combi-T1
Gorelocker Combi-T2 Gorelocker Combi-T2
Gorelocker Combi-T3 Gorelocker Combi-T3
Gorelocker Combi-T Gorelocker Combi-T