Spiro guarantees 2 years warranty for machines and 1 year for spare parts from the date of delivery. 

What is covered?
Spiro products that are faulty in material and workmanship are covered under warranty. The defects will be repaired within the warranty period. At Spiro's discretion, the product will either be replaced or repaired. 

What is excluded?

Spiro's liability does not cover defects that occur after manufacture, improper use of the product, insufficient or defective power supply, maintenance or insufficient or defective operation, defective repairs or, if the installation was not carried out by Spiro, faulty installation. Liability for normal usage or parts subject to wear and tear is also excluded. In the event of modifications and changes to the goods, the guarantee obligation expires.

Details can be found in points 6.1-6.7 of our terms and conditions.


Warranty Claim

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Alternatively, you can download the form as a PDF here and send it manually by e-mail to parts@spiro.ch.

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