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Tubeformer 1602 / 3600 - Modular edition

The world’s most sold Tubeformer has been reinvented!

The prestigious Tubeformer 1602 / 3600 has been widely recognized in the HVAC and sheet metal industry as the spiral duct machine with outstanding quality, reliability, and performance-driven approach.

As the inventor of the spiral duct technology Spiro® launched a new modular Tubeformer concept for HVAC application. The new design aims at custom-tailored configurations suitable for individual production demands and greater functionality flexibility for future expansions.

“ The world’s best tubeformer revolutionized an entire industry”

Assemble the machine according to your needs when it comes to output (speed configurations), strength (material thickness configurations), and range (dimension configurations)!

The new touch screen based Spiro® Control System manifests an operation- and production friendly design coupled with many features, including the newly developed optional Spiro® Connect function for enhanced production efficiency.

Unique Features

» Increases production capacity up to 30%
» duct length up to 3m, including automatic discharge
» Standard decoiler with max. 1000 kg loading capacity
» Superior cutting / minimized maintenance / easy set-up
» Produce ducts with smooth inside surface at the ends but reinforced with corrugation
Tubeformer 1602 / 3600
Tubeformer 1602 & 2020 - PLC Corrugating Unit
Tubeformer 1602 Tubeformer 1602
Tubeformer 1602 display Tubeformer 1602 display
Tubeformer 1602 top down Tubeformer 1602 top down
Spiral Duct Application Spiral Duct Application
Tubeformer Silver Package Tubeformer Silver Package