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Stitchwelder Classic PRO

Our classic Stitchwelder known for its reliability and quality is available in 3 different lengths 1000, 1270 and 1540 mm. The guaranteed air-tight seam can be achieved through stitch welding or continuous welding application. Moreover, Spiro® is emphasizing its leading role in the HVAC industry by equipping the Stitchwelder with a user-friendly touchscreen. This industrial novelty serves to facilitate the production set up and allows the user to save program settings.

The Stitchwelder PRO also features the fastest welding speed in the industry with up to max. 15 m/min., underlining the continuous productivity and efficiency of the machine. Naturally, the welded seam is constant from the beginning to the end, sealing or paint cover is not required, no need to clean or rework the welding rolls, and eliminating burnt galvanized coating results in less finishing work. Finally, the 6 to 8 mm overlap keeps your material costs at a minimum.

Unique Features

»   Available in extended lengths
»   Increased Welding Speed
»   Air-Tight Seam Guaranteed!
Stitchwelder PRO
Stitchwelder PRO High speed welding application
Stitchwelder PRO1 Stitchwelder PRO1
Stitchwelder PRO2 Stitchwelder PRO2
Stitchwelder PRO3 Stitchwelder PRO3