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The Spiro® Litelocker is a sturdy and advanced button lock machine. It enables up to 3 plates of sheet metal to be firmly joined together (cold forming) without incurring any damages to the sheet metal surface. The press force is made by using a pneumo-hydraulic system. The result is a high quality joint solution that eliminates the need for screws & rivets and requires no coating treatment due to no corrosion.

Unique Features

»   No heating of material
»   No need to make holes for rivets
»   Low energy consumption and minimal maintenance
»   No damage to galvanized or prepainted surfaces
»   Usable for all kind of connections (rectangular and round)
»   Low maintenance costs and noise level
Litelocker1 Litelocker1
Litelocker2 Litelocker2
Litelocker3 Litelocker3