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Fittingshaper 1250

The Fittingshaper contributes vitally to reduce the leakage rate in the ventilation system, resulting in reduced energy consumption costs!

The Fittingshaper is a flexible machine made for mounting rubber gaskets to fittings in small volumes but with many different sizes.

Combine the Fittingshaper 1250 & Spiro® Shaper to achieve the full dimension range of rubber gasket on your fittings!

Unique Features

»   Fast and easy installation
»   Factory fitted gasket without any loose parts
»   Temperature resistant from -30˚C to +100˚C
»   Withstands positive pressure - 3000Pa
Fittingshaper 1250
Fittingshaper 1250
Fittingshaper 1250-1 Fittingshaper 1250-1
Fittingshaper 1250-2 Fittingshaper 1250-2
Fittingshaper 1250-3 Fittingshaper 1250-3
Fittingshaper 1250-4 Fittingshaper 1250-4
Fittingshaper 1250-5 Fittingshaper 1250-5