Spiro® Connect

Digital Innovation driven by Spiro® Technology

Spiro® is innovative and evolves over time - We offer the optimal digital add-on option! Connect your Computer with the latest generations of our Ductline and Tubeformer 1602/2020 machines. More Spiro® machines (Shaper, Curvecutter Delta 1500, Stitchwelder Pro 2.0) and functions will follow! At present, the following functions are provided:

One Platform – One System

Upload & Download function

Transfer or export data directly from / to the Spiro® machine, which makes it easier for you to work quickly and efficiently! Get statistics of used material, working hours and much more! Simplify the workload calculation in order to provide your customers with accurate quotes!

Spiro® Access*

An even faster support is now possible!
Profit from our direct online helpdesk and remote function. Our technicians will assist you online in case of a technical problem with the machine.

*Available for all machines equipped with the Spiro® Operating System.

Spiro® T-Box

Get a deeper troubleshooting and software update for your machine by only using the Spiro® T-Box and internet connection. Save travel costs and go digital!