Spiro International SA  – Leading Machine Solution Provider with Swiss Quality

Our business principle is to support the improvement of indoor air quality by providing machines and solutions used to produce economical and environmentally-friendly air duct systems.

Spiro International S.A. is the undisputed world leader in the development and manufacture of machines for the production of air duct systems required in the HVAC and sheet metal industry. Our identity as a Swiss quality brand stands for reliability, security and trust.

As the inventor of the spiral duct machine - the so-called Tubeformer - we have built a sound reputation in the HVAC and sheet metal industry over the last six decades. With thousands of high-quality sheet metal machines delivered across the globe, we have developed a strong relationship with our customers - worldwide.



It all started in 1952 when Erling Jensen and Leif Andresen suddenly saw the possibility of round ventilation systems.


Tubeformer 300 / 200

Four years later their invention - the SPIRO® TUBEFORMER - was a reality. So was the Spiro® company itself.

Since 1956 we have developed and produced a number of sheet metal processing machines, devoted to the phases in the production process of different ducts, fittings and tubes.


Tubeformer 401 / 403 B / 600


Tubeformer 800 / 700 / 1600


Tubeformer 2002 / 3003 / MR / MRX / JR

The SPIRO® TUBEFORMER revolutionized the production of ventilation tubing, leaving the square competition back at square one.


Tubeformer JRX 1212 / JRX 1210 / JRX 1610 / 2525 / 1613 / 1602


Tubeformer 2020

Although they can be put together into a complete production line, each machine can be used on a stand-alone basis, depending upon the specific user needs.


Tubeformer PRO / SMART

Whichever way you decide to configure the machinery, you will get all the precision, quality and support that comes with Spiro® equipment.


Tubeformer X-20


Tubeformer 1602 modular edition

The Spiro® family of machines today comprises a number of key machines. You will find these presented on the following web pages.