Decoiler DCH-3000

Decoiler DCH 3000

The DCH-3000 decoiler is a horizontal decoiler for up to 3 coils. The design allows a quick change over time and serves to cope with thick material. This unique decoiler performs perfectly in line with the Tubeformer at maximum speed on any duct size.

Technical Data
Decoiler DCH 3000
Max. Coil Weight Max. 3 Coils - 1000 kg each
Max Speed 100 m/min.
Coil Dimensions Inside diameter min. 508 mm (20’’)
Outside Diameter Max. 1400 mm (55’’)
Strip Thickness 0.4 - 1.6 mm (0.016’’ - 0.063’’)
Strip Width Max. 150 mm (6’’)
Weight 750 Kg